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Shop as long as you want with no traffic or parking hassles.

When you visit South Florida, Available Car Service provides the best on-demand Premium Hourly Charter Service for shopping and sightseeing. Reserve your driver and a luxury vehicle by the hour for as long as you require.
Our courteous professional drivers are area experts. They know where all the local shopping and vacation destinations are located.
South Florida is has so many amazing shopping opportunities. From the high end stores and galleries of Las Olas to the Saw Grass Outlet Mall; Ft. Lauderdale is a shopping destination.
Your driver will remain available by cell phone, so your vehicle is where you need it, when you need it. Whether you are popping in and out of small shops or taking your time, your driver is only a phone call away. He’ll pick you up at the door or meet you to collect the packages. Whatever the weather, you will never have to walk through the rain, searching for your car in a crowded parking lot. The car will always be temperature-controlled and comfortable when it pulls up to the door for you to step into it. Just rest and relax as we drive you to your next destination. You enjoy a day of shopping and leave all of the traffic and parking hassles to Available Car Service.

Available Car Service provides unparalleled service at affordable and competitive rates. Please contact us for a free no-obligation transportation proposal with recommendations.

When it matters, call Available Car Service.

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