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Getting around makes life worth living. You should never have to give up dining out with friends, going to a movie, the theater or  church.

Cost of Car Ownership

Owning a car is a big financial responsibility. Even if your car is paid off, there are still costs in keeping a car; maintenance, repairs, insurance, gas, inspection, parking, tolls, registration, license renewal, even keeping the car clean. Many find that other options are more economical.

If you are not here year round, it may not make sense to bring a car or leave a car here.

Vision Problems

Other issues can make driving a car unsafe. Vision problems such as cataracts can make it difficult to drive safely.  It may be difficult to see the road, street signs, other cars and people walking. It may be difficult to see and to drive safely all the time, or just under some circumstances.

Let Available Car Service help. Leave the driving to us when vision is most affected.  Some clients call us if a trip may involve driving west at dusk or as the sun sets, at night or driving in rain. Others find it difficult to see at noon or when faced with headlight glare.

Unfamiliar Areas

You may have no problems driving. But some trips may call for traveling to unfamiliar areas. Getting lost can be very nerve-racking!

Some areas and some times of the day are just harder to drive in. It is stressful driving when there is a lot of traffic. Some places have confusing roads and traffic entering from every direction.

Friends and family can be very helpful. But, don't you want to run your own errands?

Don't you hate having to reschedule doctor's or salon appointments around others' schedules?
Don't you hate having to ask for a ride?
Don't you want to pick out your own groceries, library books?

Even though your friends and family may insist you are not being a burden, it takes away your own independence.

Let Available Car Service be the Solution

Giving up the car does not have to mean giving up freedom, control and independence.
It doesn't mean you have to ride in the back of a senior center van or rely on the bus or some other community service. You don't have to take your chances with taxis that may or may not show up on time, may be old, smell bad and sometimes seem to add random fees without explanation and sometimes require cash.

You can still go where you want to go and to see people you want to see when you want.  Available Car Service can help by providing transportation to run errands, get to doctor's appointments, the hospital for tests, visit with friends and family or simply to do your own shopping.

We can drop you off at a party, a dinner, the symphony, golf. We will get you there conveniently, safely and in style for about the same price as a taxi.

You'll be surprised at how reasonable our rates are. Talk to us about setting up a convenient account. Then simply call us whenever you require transportation.

Available Car Service provides unparalleled service at affordable and competitive rates. Please contact us at 800-673-6230, or Request a Quote for Senior Transportation Services for a free no-obligation transportation proposal with recommendations.

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When it matters, call Available Car Service.

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