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Available Car Service specializes in flight crew ground transportation and airline related ground transportation serving airline crews, ramp crews and passengers. Our headquarters is in Ft. Lauderdale. With over 27 years of service, we understand the specific operational needs of our airline customers.  We have developed a specialized ground transportation service program that efficiently meets the needs of commercial airlines at a competitive price.

Our Central Dispatch and Control System was custom-designed with Airport Services in mind. State-of-the-Art Dispatch Technology ensures you can reach live dispatch and reservation assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 day a year. We work closely with your Crew Scheduler.
We know how important it is that your flight crew arrives on time and well rested.

We will be waiting for you. You will never be waiting for us.

Save Money

Available Car Service Specialized Airport Services make the best use of your business resources. We provide superior flight crew ground transportation at a lower cost than maintaining your own cars and drivers or relying on busses, shuttles or taxis. 

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You Can Trust Available Car Service

We work closely with your Crew Schedule Coordinator to serve your needs.  Available Car Service has a network of cars and drivers ready to provide dependable flight crew transportation for your personnel.

Your flight crew will never have to wait for Available Car Service. Courteous drivers will be waiting for crewmembers and airline employees at arrivals to take your crew members directly to their accommodations.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires that flight attendants receive 9 consecutive hours of rest following any duty period before starting their next duty period. Available Car Service offers better service than shuttles or busses. Once your crewmembers have cleared crew customs, the last thing they want to do is join the line for a taxi or wait for a packed shuttle that stops at every car rental and hotel on the way. Available Car Service will be waiting at the curb to transfer them directly to their destination.

In the morning, your crew members walk out of the hotel after a good night sleep to a car waiting to take them directly to the airport. They will arrive on time. Available Car Service will never leave your crew stranded and waiting.


It’s good for your flight crew and it’s good for you!

Your staff can just relax and ride comfortably.

Our experienced professional dispatchers and drivers are local, native English Speakers. Your flight crew and cabin crew will have no problem communicating with the driver. If another language is needed, please let us know. We have bilingual drivers available upon request. Our drivers are professional , licensed and insured.

Our vehicles are safe and comfortable. Available Car Service vehicles are all late model, clean and comfortable luxury cars.  They are regularly inspected and well-maintained inside and out. The driver will meet your personnel at the gate. No need to wait. No need to walk across a hot or rainy parking lot. No getting into a hot, humid car, waiting for the air conditioner to kick in. The car will be cool and comfortable when your personnel get in.

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